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Do you need current information on the financial standing of your organization in order to make decisions?

Do you lack in house accounting know how?

Is your team losing time that it could be spending on core activities in order to manage your accounting and financial reporting?

Temple Management Consulting is a complete virtual accounting and finance partner to supplement your in-house accounting department.

How We Help…

Nonprofits and Churches

  • Nonprofit Accounting Support From the Ground Up
  • Donation and Contribution Management
  • Fund Accounting
  • Grant Financial Management and Grant Compliance
  • Financial Statements and Day-to-Day Accounting for Nonprofits
  • Real-Time Financial Reporting and Metrics with Easy to Understand Dashboards
  • Design and Implementation of Accounting Systems
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • CFO and Controller Services
  • Business Advisory
  • Financial Literacy Training

Professional Businesses

  • More Time. Less Stress. Stronger Accounting!
  • Bookkeeping
  • Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Day-to-Day Accounting
  • Real-Time Financial Reports and Metrics and Easy to Understand Dashboards
  • Design and Implementation of Accounting Systems
  • CFO and Controller Services
  • Business Advisory
  • Financial Literacy Training

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Meet Temple Management’s CEO, Annette Sullivan​

Annette Sullivan, CPA, CGMA

In 1998, Annette Sullivan received a vision to start a CPA firm that would help organizations take its accounting and financial management to the next level. Our firm rapidly expanded to providing services to other nonprofit organizations and professional service businesses. 

Resources from Temple Management

Nonprofit Finances

Accounting Software Program Features that can Help You Stay on Track

Accounting software has become a critical resource for every industry and business type. As businesses look to deliver faster service and manage operations more effectively, financial management has to be aligned. Companies that aren’t equipped with strong cloud-based accounting software will be less competitive in their respective industries. This article will examine why this is the case and provide input on some essential program features that allow your accounting to truly help your organization stay on track.  Why do you need accounting software? Any business, whether nonprofit or for-profit; startup; small; or enterprise-level, relies on financial management to fund the organization. Strong accounting and expense management is essential for vertical growth and much more. Using accounting software helps you conserve your resources while also helping you develop more effectively. Let’s break down some core benefits. Increased Efficiency Depending on the cloud-based accounting tool that you choose, your day-to-day accounting will require far less manual input and calculations than if you were to try and work without specialized accounting software. This gives you and your staff more time to focus on the bigger issues! Cost Savings With less work demand, you save a lot of time managing the books and are also better equipped to visualize how your company handles expenses. Having precise answers to cash flow lets you pinpoint where you can reduce costs.  More Accurate Accounting Relying on multiple spreadsheets and constantly updating the books manually can be dangerous. Not only does this drain time, it opens your business up to the possibility of significant financial mistakes. Accounting solutions that emphasize automation help you maintain more accurate records without the hassle of constant accounting updates.  Stronger Strategies Modern accounting

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